The Tap titans 2 will make more fun and entertain your spare time

This game is a fighting game and it led you to play it in a simple tap manner from your smart phone if you enjoy reading like us on facebook. The game is fully of fantasy based one and it provides lots of features to the user while playing the game. The basic beginners have to know about the game rules. Simple structure of the game is to kill the monsters and its bosses. The sword master is the hero of this game and by upgrading you can attain some talent skills for him .To complete one level you have to fight with 9 monsters and its boss. You can also get the help from the others heroes. For additional heroes to fight in your game, then you have to purchase them from the generated coins. The coins are all collected when you are damage these monsters by tapping. The visual graphics of this game is so better when it is compared with TT1. The speed of this game will be reduced when you are leveling up. So for getting a high speed in this game you have use the special skills and it led you to level up faster for each and every stage. For every stage the monster will gain its strength to withstand and make you to play in the difficult mode for each and every level. In the Tap titans 2   there are more than 800 levels available for you to get entertained.

The uses of pets and the tournament points

The usage of pets will gives you more damage and for the equipment the crit sword, pet slash are available for you to damage a lot.  The circled symbol T is called as the tournament points and that are available next to the players skill option. The tournament points are the valuable one which will not allows you to spend or lost. When you are in the critical position of the tournament then it is automatically unlock the items and help you to finish the tournaments. The shop option is used to buy the pets and there are lots of pets available for you to choose while playing .Some of the pets which are used in this game are Nova and demos, Tempest and Toto, Fluffers, Kit, Zero, Scraps, Mousy and etc. For 25 diamonds you can improve your pet’s skills in this game. The bubbles and the Polly pets are allow you to increase the gold. Kit pet is allows you to kill a dozen of monsters in the single splash usage. For pushing faster you can use the fluffers to do that thing. Tempest and Toto are the general purpose pets and these pets will increase the power for all hero damages. For increase in the tap damages the hamy and Phobos pets are used. Every pets having a different unique skills and lead you to play this game with a comfortable manner. The pet allows you to multiply the damage and led you faster to finish the stages. By opening the pet eggs you can get a new pet and it will help you in the fight. When you reach the level 5 then the pets automatically generates you a passive bonus but if you want more you can with Tap Titans 2 Hack.